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Propagation Propagation Trays & Domes

Mesh Bottom Insert Tray 10in x 20in

 Mesh Bottom Insert Tray 10in x 20in

Mesh bottom 10 x 20 insert tray. Great for rock wool starter sheets.

Item # Description Price Add to Cart
72616010x20 MESH BOTTOM PROPAGATION TRAY (10 Count)$19.95 Add to Cart

Propagation Trays

 Propagation Trays10 x 20 inch black plastic propagation trays - two styles flat - no holes No.726165, with holes No. 726167.
Item # Description Price Add to Cart
72616510 X 20 PROPAGATION TRAY W/O HOLE (10 Count)$19.50 Add to Cart
72616710 X 20 PROPAGATION TRAY W/HOLE (10 Count)$19.50 Add to Cart

Seed Cell Plug Tray

 Seed Cell Plug TrayFits snugly in a standard 10 x 20 propagation flat. Heavier duty than competitive inserts. Choose from round hole or square hole openings.
Item # Description Price Add to Cart
726410Super Sprouter 72 Cell Seed Cell Insert Tray - Round Holes (10 Count$29.50 Add to Cart
726220Super Sprouter 72 Cell Plug Tray - Square Holes (10 count)$29.50 Add to Cart

2 inch and 4 inch Propagation Dome

2 inch and 4 inch Propagation DomeExcellent quality Super Sprouter 2 and 4 inch tall standard domes with straight sides that allows the use of all plant sites in the propagation tray. Both domes fit snugly on standard 10 x 20 inch propagation tray. Use the 2 inch tall germination dome for starting you plants. Then use the 4 inch tall humidity dome for medium sized plant starts and cuttings.
Item # Description Price Add to Cart
7262152in PROPAGATION DOME (5 Count)$12.50 Add to Cart
7262394in PROPAGATION DOME (5 Count)$22.50 Add to Cart

7 inch Propagation Dome

7 inch Propagation DomeExcellent quality 7-inch tall propagation dome. Straight vertical sides allow use of all plant sites in a propagation tray. 2 vents in the top of the dome can be opened or closed. Built-in handle for easy removal. Fits snugly on a standard 10" x 20" propagation tray.

* tray not included
Item # Description Price Add to Cart
7262417in PROPAGATION DOME W/VENTS (5 Count)$29.75 Add to Cart

Grodan Gro-Smart Tray Insert

Grodan Gro-Smart Tray InsertYour Grodan Starter plugs, Mini-Blocks™ and Gro-Blocks™ have finally found a home. This durable Dutch tray has double-sided features. Use the 78-cell side to perfectly fit 1.5” A-OK Starter™ plugs or round Macroplugs™. Use the mesh side for sheets of A-OK’s, Mini-Blocks, or Gro-Blocks. The tray fits in a standard 10x20 flat and keeps the Grodan elevated from the bottom of the flat. Easily sanitize as any hard-plastic product; even dish-washer safe! This terra-cotta colored tray was designed by Grodan and is exclusively manufactured for the Grodan company.

Sold in a case of 5 only

*Important: this item is over-sized and dimensional weight applies, if any additional shipping cost applies to your order, you will be notified for approval before it is processed.
Item # Description Price Add to Cart
707445Grodan Gro-Smart Tray Insert - 5 count$65.95 Add to Cart

Mondi Propagation Trays & Domes

Mondi Propagation Trays & DomesTrays
Deep, continuous channels and 'level fit' wide ridges prevent water pooling and provide better stability for propagation media. Super reinforced sides and lip with thick plastic and UV protection for durability and long life. Professionally engineered tray-ends add extra strength, making them easier to carry and move. Easy to nest and separate trays.


A professional propagation dome for starting seeds or cuttings. Temperature and humidity controlled by two adjustable vents for better growing results. Designed to provide more cubic volume for your growing plants. Constructed from heavy duty, high grade plastic to maximize light penetration and stand up to repeated use. Perfectly fitted for standard 10 x 20 trays, to create a tight seal and reduce moisture loss.

*Media plugs not included
Item # Description Price Add to Cart
726150MONDI PROPAGATION TRAY 10X20 - NO HOLES (10 Count)$19.95 Add to Cart
726155MONDI PROPAGATION TRAY 10X20 - WITH HOLES (10 Count)$19.95 Add to Cart
726142MONDI MINI GREENHOUSE 7 INCH DOME - NO VENTS (5 Count)$29.75 Add to Cart
726140MONDI MINI GREENHOUSE 7 INCH DOME W/ VENTS (5 Count)$29.75 Add to Cart
726130MONDI MINI GREENHOUSE 4in NO VENTS (5 Count)$24.75 Add to Cart
726135MONDI MINI GREENHOUSE 4in W/ EASY VENTS (5 Count)$29.75 Add to Cart

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